PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week - What's It About?

PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week - What's It About?

Pakistani fashion is starting to really flourish and make a name for itself. With countless fashion designers now fully contributing to the industry things are looking up for the fashion world in the country. Yet one of the best things about this growing influence is the introduction of fashion weeks. 

What are fashion weeks you ask? To put it simply it's like a product display but for fashion designers. These fashion weeks not only help the designers show their products/designs to the world but gives the modeling community an opportunity to shine and get more work going forward. 

But, Sunsilk Fashion Week caught our eye and we decided to write this and show the entire community the good that PFDC are doing for the industry and how its making an impact going forward as well.

Who are the PFDC

The Pakistan Fashion Design Council is a non profit organization that were established in 2006. They're the country's only fashion council and their basic aim is to help facilitate Pakistani designers. The PFDC act as a mouthpiece in the industry, promoting fashion on both International and Domestic stages. 

The World Fashion Organization and the World Fashion Week have signed an MOU with the PFDC, thereby empowering the PFDC as one of the official representatives in Pakistan. Now one of the best things that PFDC has done for the local designers is the introduction of the Sunsilk Fashion Week

How Sunsilk Fashion Week Began

The PFDC has established a regular fashion week since 2010 making sure to map Pakistan to the international community and the fashion week circuit. The attendance to some of these events have been fantastic with well renowned names in the fashion industry around the globe even attending them. 

So far, the PFDC has held 12 Fashion Weeks and they've only added to the artists showing their crafts to the world on a regular basis. They're held in both Lahore and Karachi at specific dates and you can be sure we'll keep you updated on any and all upcoming events. 

The success of these fashion weeks helped to pave the way for Pakistan to be represented at the prestigious Federation Françoise du Prêt a Porter Feminin in Paris in September 2011 where eight Pakistani designers were invited to hold an exclusive fashion show, along with an exhibition in a pavilion at The Atmosphère (where designers can show their collections only on an invitation).

The event is held for 3 days at specific dates featuring designs from brands such as Sana Safinaz, Rici Melion, Almirah, Khas, Republic etc. The sunsilk fashion week features not just the local design types but also the western for the enjoyment of the attendees. 

We at MFT hope that these events are a regularity for all the people involved and that Pakistan Fashion continues to take the initiative in terms of exposing the vast amounts of talent that the country possess.