How to Start Your Own Clothing Business in Pakistan? | MyFashionThread

How to Start Your Own Clothing Business in Pakistan? | MyFashionThread

Every business man started off as you are now, Googling phrases leading them to some guide of guide as to where to begin their journey into the business world. Like you, successful people also started off with an idea and all they needed was a little push to take those ideas forward.

Pakistani fashion is blossoming, and everyone has started to embrace the new innovations in these brands. It's well on its way to becoming one of the top most industries in Pakistan and even the world.

We all love our denim jackets.

Let's take your idea forward and show you how you can start your very own clothing brand with just a few steps and ideas. Let's Get Started

1) Brand Design:

In this new digital world, aesthetics is just as important as a sustainable business model. Get to designing a quality logo for your brand and know exactly who you want your target audience to be. Design your brand AND your apparel for them.

Don't Diversity too Much at the Start. Go slow and build your products related to your main target customers.

2) Create a Social Media Presence:

Now that you've created your brand logo, its time to start off with creating an online reputation. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc use these avenues to your advantage.

No one is going to reading your fliers anymore, trust us.

Do the following on facebook:

  • Create a 'Shop' section for your products
  • Updating your logo and cover 'video' with new designs
  • Work on not just posting your products but take advantage of whats happening around you to attract attention to your page.

3) Find a Vendor

Now that your presence aspect is complete its time to get the actual products out to the potential customers themselves. How you ask?

Getting a Vendor. There are various vendors all around Pakistan who would supply you with all the latest designer clothes, shirts, jackets etc. They'll be the intermediary between you and your customers.

Not to mention this may even save up on screen prints as well.

4) Print your Designs:

Say you're satisfied with your design and would like to get the products printed asap. Not fine with paying some vendors to design your products for you?

Get a Printing Press. No, we're not talking about blowing your whole budget on a printing press just because you wanted a fancy shirt design. Get a smaller one that's cost effective and models around a target market that gives you the most leads.

5) Set Up an Online Payment Process:

Customers love convenience, and having a reliable online payment procedure goes a long way in making your business stand out. Everything is digital nowadays, even the payment methods and that makes or breaks your business.

If your payment procedures are unreliable for a small business you won't be able to ascend to the level that you'd want your clothing brand to go. Make things easier for your customers, It'll be worth it in the long run

6) Build your Own Website:

As you build your brand, you'll be required to showcase that you're running a successful business and it's a good idea to start that off with Creating your Own Website.

Showcase your product there to reach a wider variety of audiences from around the globe, which will increase your brand awareness and open up new marketing avenues for you to explore. As a business owner, these technical know how's are vital in order to ensure your product gets the exposure and value that it deserves.

So these are some of the steps that you can take to implement into your business plan, whether you're starting a clothing line, selling jackets, traditional clothing etc It doesn't matter as long as the market intent is there you should be able to get a headstart into most of these paths quiet easily.